Biomass Combustion Burning Of Forests Grasslands

Biomass combustion-burning of forests, grasslands, agricultural wastes, and other biological matter-is recognized as a serious threat to the environment.8 The table below shows the distribution of carbon-containing compounds released to the atmosphere worldwide from all combustion sources as well as the portion coming from biomass burning.

The numbers in the middle column reflect annual quantities of carbon released to the atmosphere in the indicated compound; for example, 8700 metric tons of carbon (8.7 x 106kgC) was released in carbon dioxide.

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Biomass Combustion Burning Of Forests Grasslands
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(a) Determine the combined annual release (in metric tons) of all three species resulting from biomass combustion and the average molecular weight of the combinedgases.

Biomass combustion-burning of forests, grasslands

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